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jupiter mx technology

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spesication jupiter mx 135

Dimensi Dimensions
Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi (mm) Length x Width x High (mm) 1.945 x 705x 1.065 1945 x 705x 1065
Jarak sumbu roda (mm) Steering wheel distance (mm) 1.245 1,245
Jarak terendah ke tanah (mm) Lowest distance to the ground (mm) 140 140
Berat kosong (kg) Weight empty (kg) 104 104
Kapasitas tangki BBM (liter) Fuel tank capacity (liter) 4 4
Rangka Frame
Tipe rangka Type of order Diamond Diamond
Suspensi depan Suspensi depan Teleskopik Teleskopik
Suspensi belakang Back Suspensi Monosok Monosok
Rem depan Front brake Cakram Cakram
Rem belakang Rear brake Teromol Drum
Tipe & ukuran ban depan Type & size of front tires 70/90-17 70/90-17
Tipe & ukuran ban belakang Type & size of rear tire 80/90-17 80/90-17
Mesin Engine
Tipe Type 4 langkah SOHC 4 steps SOHC
Sistem pendingin System Cair Liquid
Diameter x langkah (mm) Steps x diameter (mm) 54 x 58,7 54 x 58.7
Kapasitas silinder (cc) Cylinder capacity (cc) 134,4 134.4
Perbandingan kompresi Comparison of compression 10,791 10.791
Daya maksimum (ps/rpm) Maximum power (ps / rpm) 11,17/8.500 11.17 / 8,500
Torsi maksimum (Nm/rpm) Torsi maximum (Nm / rpm) 11,65/5.500 11.65 / 5,500
Transmisi Transmission Manual 4 speed Manual 4 speed

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Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

spesification jupiter mx 135 lc

Technology, which carried Jupiter MX indeed have a look. So, I may as motor BASED first. Should need to be careful. Special attention will need to get one that can make sophisticated bothered because our own ignorance. The key should be more vigilant? Heri said Kiswanto, mechanics instructor school Hartomo Mechanical Training Center (HMTC). Especially for the following components:

CDI is usually under the seat. Jupiter MX in there behind the front cover. Hence, avoid any heavy impact or splash of water the water does not get easy electrical trouble. Also need additional safeguards to avoid ignorant hands.

Tube Reservoir Reserve
Have a function so sekalius vessel where the water fill the radiator back up. But because the location is behind the protective engine, Keep from concussion and be sure to always strong bolts locked.

The cooling process is of the radiator grille. But the position is at risk of splashing rocks. ? Try in front of the grid are given additional protective gauze? .

Do not attempt to open the cover when the motorcycle are washed. Risk of water into the filter box through the muzzle toward the top. But not during sucks by carburetor water can be through disposal nozel.

Do not confuse when we want to monitor brake fluid. it can monitor from the right hand brake side motorcycles